Roberta Ross-Fisher: At-a-Glance

Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (K-8), a master’s degree in Reading/Literacy Education (K-12), and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. She has many years of successful experience in educator preparation, competency-based education, online teaching & learning, regulatory compliance, and accreditation. Now an educational consultant, she was a public-school teacher for 16 years before becoming a professor and university administrator.

Multiple Awards for Exceptional Performance

Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher has received many professional accolades during her career including five Who’s Who in Teaching awards; Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence; Parkway Baptist Distinguished Professor of the Year Award; six High Performance Faculty Recognition awards; two Provost Top Performer Awards; Compliance and Accreditation Departmental Award; and two Excellence in University Service Awards.


An articulate presenter and author of numerous scholarly works, her work has been published multiple times in peer-reviewed journals and academic books. She writes evidence-based articles that are relevant to today’s educational system and also serves as a reviewer and guest contributor for other publications. Roberta has presented at numerous professional conferences and institutional professional development sessions.

Educational Consultant

As a consultant, Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher supports higher education institutions in compliance & accreditation, quality assurance, competency-based education, and educator preparation. While she provides consultative services covering a variety of institutional and programmatic accrediting bodies, her particular area of expertise is the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). She is available for consultations, webinars, and workshops.  

Roberta Ross-Fisher