A Golden Opportunity: Let’s Rethink Performance Evaluations (Segment 1)

Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations: Exceptional Instruction Leads to Exceptional Learning

Is your P-12 school committed to helping instructional staff continually improve their teaching skills? As a school leader, do you recognize that exceptional instruction leads to exceptional learning, but you’re not quite sure where to begin?

If so, please check out my 3-part video presentation series entitled, A Golden Opportunity: Let’s Rethink Performance Evaluations.

  • Segment #1 provides an introduction to performance evaluations in the context of student and school success.
  • Segment #2 focuses on the need for ongoing evaluation and targeted support, as well as criteria you may consider when evaluating performance.
  • The final segment helps you to explore how school administrators can collaborate with teachers to design a personalized performance evaluation model that maintains each school’s individuality, while ensuring quality.

Supplemental Handout

I’ve also created a supplemental resource page you can use as a handout to the series.

You can access Segment #1 below:  

[wpvideo zQdTfg2c]



About the Author: Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher has expertise in educator preparation, accreditation, online teaching & learning, and competency-based education. She specializes in the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). A former public school teacher and college administrator, Roberta is now an educational consultant and CEO of Global Educational Consulting, LLC. 

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