Need an educational consultant or independent contractor?

Need an experienced and confidentialĀ educational consultant or independent contractor for a special project or a new strategic initiative? I serve higher education and K-12 schools across the United States and the globe. Perhaps you need help writing a self-study report or getting ready for an accreditation site visit. Maybe you want to pilot the competency-based educational model. It could be that you have a low-performing program and you just can’t figure out why or how to improve it. Wanting to get into online education but don’t know where to start or how to train faculty? Looking for a viable solution to the teacher shortage? I can help with these needs and more.

I typically work virtually but can travel to your location as needed when providing professional development training, coordinating an accreditation site visit, and so on. You can be assured of highly competent performance, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. Need references from previous clients? Not a problem, but they will come redacted because I never reveal who my clients are. Chances are likely if you have problems that require my skills, you’d prefer to keep it as low-key as possible–and you can count on me to perform my services quietly and confidentially.

Please know that I don’t accept every request for assistance – only those where I really believe my skill sets can meet your particular needs. Reach out to me and I’ll be glad to speak with you about your institution’s needs and how to move forward.

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