What’s My Purpose? Why Am I Here? 

I have asked myself those questions countless times over the years. Why was I put on this earth? What am I really good at? I’m not artistic; I’m not musical; I’m not athletic. I’m not the greatest gardener nor the greatest cook, although I can create what I believe are the world’s tastiest spinach and kale smoothies in my NutriBullet. 🙂

But after more than 30 years as an educator in P-12 and higher education, I have developed expertise in several key areas, including:

Educational Innovation and Reform:

  • Competency-Based Education
  • New Program Development
  • Alternative Teacher Certification to Meet Supply and Demand Needs
  • Ensuring Workforce Needs through Educational Partnerships and Programming

Supporting Student Success:

  • Improving Student Retention, Graduation, and Satisfaction through Mentoring Models
  • Selecting and Admitting Teacher Candidates of High Quality

Ensuring Academic Quality:

  • National Accreditation for Educator Preparation Programs (i.e., CAEP)
  • State Program Approvals & Compliance
  • Coordination of Accreditation Self-Studies and Site Visits
  • Measuring the Impact of Program Completers on P-12 Student Learning
  • Making Data-Driven Decisions to Steer Program and Systemic Improvement

There are others, but these are the areas of my greatest strength. I enjoy supporting and guiding the efforts of others in achieving academic excellence to promote the greater good. I think finally, after many years of soul searching, I have finally been able to answer the questions, “What’s my purpose? Why am I here?”


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